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Investment Advisory Services

Propelling Your Practice Towards Next-Level Success

Are you an ambitious CPA or accounting firm striving to widen your professional footprint and enhance your client offerings? The AFO Wealth Management Forward Program can fuel your ambitions by enabling you to offer comprehensive Investment Advisory Services. We specialize in empowering accounting professionals like you to incorporate these services within a holistic approach, thereby elevating your practice and client satisfaction. Whether you refer, partner, or decide to bring this in-house, we ensure you integrate investment advisory authentically and knowledgeable.

Incorporating Investment Advisory?

Investment Management

Taxes affect investments, insurance, retirement, and estate planning. It’s important that firms incorporate investment advisory within a holistic wealth management offering. Asset allocation is often the last step in the process after gaining an understanding of a client’s values, goals, and risk tolerance. Implementing a partnership or bringing investment advisory in-house allows you to ensure the client’s investment objectives are aligned with their short, intermediate, and long-term goals.

Cultivating Trust and Retention

The integration of Investment Advisory Services within your offerings strengthens your credibility, transforming you into a trusted financial ally. By guiding clients through an array of tax-related investment issues related to retirement, insurance, and estate planning, you enrich and deepen the relationship.

Ensuring Peace of mind

Our investment management solutions empower families to make informed decisions about their investments, taking into account their individual risk tolerance. We guide you in providing clients with a value-added service, accompanied by a comprehensive reporting portal, that provides clients with how asset allocation and investment selections are made. This fosters greater understanding and confidence in the management of investment portfolios.

Tax Efficiency

Ensuring that investments are tax-efficient and aligned with the client’s long-term objectives is pivotal in advisory roles. Methods like tax-loss harvesting can enhance client returns and boost the overall portfolio performance. We stand ready to assist you in directing client investments into taxable and tax-advantaged accounts, optimizing their financial outcomes.
Create a more meaningful impact on your client’s financial lives. Whether you’re an established CPA or leading a budding accounting firm, our program provides the framework to offer comprehensive financial advice to help you elevate your practice.

Investment Advisory Pathways

Referral Relationship

Direct your clients to an expert Wealth Manager who can proficiently manage their investments. This partnership allows you to work collaboratively through various aspects of financial planning, including retirement, education, insurance, and estate planning, meeting the many financial needs of a client.

Become an IAR

Advance your professional capabilities by becoming a licensed and registered Investment Advisor Representative. Operate under the regulatory and administrative umbrella of an existing Registered Investment Advisory firm, strengthening your service offerings while minimizing compliance and administrative burdens.

RIA Consultation

Interested in launching your own Registered Investment Advisory firm? We offer strategic consultancy and advice, guiding you through the necessary compliance, administrative, and operational requirements. Our services equip you to navigate this process with confidence and precision.
Take the first step towards an enriched professional journey by contacting us today. Simply fill out the form below, and one of our representatives will be in touch to discuss how our AFO Wealth Management Forward Program can help you transform the lives of your clients through Investment Advisory Services.

Client-Centric Services

Whether you’re looking to build trust with your clients, grow your firm’s revenue, or strengthen client relationships, our program equips you to do it all effectively.


We help you guide your clients to a better financial future. We have streamlined the process and made it simple and easy for advisors to integrate financial planning into their practice.

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We help you guide your clients to a better financial future. We have streamlined the process and made it simple and easy for advisors to integrate financial planning into their practice.

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