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Financial Planning:

Elevate Your Client Services for Maximum Impact

Our AFO Wealth Management Forward Program is structured to empower you to integrate comprehensive financial planning into your portfolio of services seamlessly. Unearth the potential of holistic financial advice, providing your clients with the clarity and roadmap they need to achieve financial independence.

Why implement Holistic Financial Planning?

Holistic Advice 360 Degree View

A comprehensive approach to planning that encompasses all areas of one’s financial life. It views every aspect of your financial situation as interconnected, treating each as an integral piece of a larger, complex puzzle. Rather than focusing on a singular aspect, such as investments or tax planning, holistic financial advice incorporates a range of services to provide a cohesive and all-encompassing financial strategy.

Securing the future

Enhance your tax planning capabilities by integrating financial planning into your services. Delve deeper into your client’s values and long-term objectives. A comprehensive examination of your client’s finances allows you to deliver clear insights and assurance, fostering security for retirement, or affirming ample savings for their children’s education and future prospects.

All areas of financial life

We firmly believe that comprehensive Financial Planning reflects an advisor’s ability to deliver their client a “Family Office standard of care!” Offering holistic financial advice, encompassing areas like investments, retirement, tax, education, insurance and estate planning, bolstering your standing as a trusted advisor. Financial planning is the foundational roadmap that helps clients make informed decisions regarding their finances.

Uncovering Values, Goals, and

A comprehensive financial plan facilitates uncovering your client’s values, potential financial anxieties, and behavioral patterns. Behavioral finance principles posit that our values mold our goals, which in turn shape our behaviors. Assisting clients in identifying their core values fosters greater buy-in, leading to a deeper understanding and an enhanced quality of life.
Create a more meaningful impact on your client’s financial lives. Whether you’re an established CPA or leading a budding accounting firm, our program provides the framework to offer comprehensive financial advice to help you elevate your practice.

Financial Planning Process

Step 1:

Discovery Meeting

Step 2:

Data Collection

Step 3:

Analysis and Recommendations

Step 4:


Step 5:

Ongoing Monitoring and Review
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Client-Centric Services

Whether you’re looking to build trust with your clients, grow your firm’s revenue, or strengthen client relationships, our program equips you to do it all effectively.


We help you guide your clients to a better financial future. We have streamlined the process and made it simple and easy for advisors to integrate financial planning into their practice.

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We help you guide your clients to a better financial future. We have streamlined the process and made it simple and easy for advisors to integrate financial planning into their practice.

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