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Estate Planning

Embrace a Comprehensive Client Journey

Are you a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or leading an accounting firm seeking to expand your professional scope and enrich your client relationships? You’re at the right place! Our AFO Wealth Management Forward Program is precisely the groundbreaking solution you need. We specialize in empowering accountants like you to offer comprehensive, holistic financial advice, including crucial services like Estate Planning

Why Adopt Estate Planning?

Unparalleled Expertise

With years of collective experience, serving everyone from Ultra High Net Worth Families to the Mass Affluent, our team deeply understands the unique challenges faced by CPAs in helping families and businesses navigate Estate Planning. We guide you in expanding your services to include estate planning, and expertly handling the intricacies of taxes, laws, and various inheritance scenarios.

Client Relationship Enrichment

As part of our program, you tap into deep, personal client relationships. Offering holistic financial advice, including estate planning, strengthens your role as a trusted advisor, enhancing client retention and satisfaction. We affirm that Estate Planning epitomizes an advisor’s capacity to serve their client with a “Family Office level of care!”

Cutting-Edge Technology

Keep pace with the digital age with our advanced partnership with leading estate planning technology platforms, like Just Vanilla and Trust & Will. These platforms revolutionize your estate planning services, offering you an efficient way to create bespoke strategies for each client. Deliver value-added advice through modern and intuitive platforms. Help clients secure their families and legacies.

Next Generation Engagement

By integrating estate planning into your offerings, you position yourself as the comprehensive family advisor. This approach opens up a world of new business opportunities. It sets the stage for meaningful conversations with the next generation of your clients’ families and attracts new clientele who value this comprehensive approach.
Create a more meaningful impact on your client’s financial lives. Whether you’re an established CPA or leading a budding accounting firm, our program provides the framework to offer comprehensive financial advice to help you elevate your practice.


Support your client's estate planning needs

Guardianship Decisions

Assist your clients in nominating guardians for their children or pets, ensuring loved ones are cared for.

Asset Management

Guide clients in deciding who will manage their affairs and how assets will be distributed, including any specific gifts of money, possessions, or property.

Exclusion Provisions

Help clients specify individuals to be excluded from their estate, tailoring asset distributions to their wishes.

End-of-life Arrangements

Support clients in specifying their final arrangements and noting any special requests, bringing peace of mind in difficult times.

Medical Emergency Planning

Enable clients to designate healthcare agents and grant trusted individuals access to their medical records, ensuring their wishes are respected during a health crisis.

Asset Distribution Conditions

Facilitate adding conditions to asset distributions, providing clients greater control over their wealth.
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Client-Centric Services

Whether you’re looking to build trust with your clients, grow your firm’s revenue, or strengthen client relationships, our program equips you to do it all effectively.


We help you guide your clients to a better financial future. We have streamlined the process and made it simple and easy for advisors to integrate financial planning into their practice.

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We help you guide your clients to a better financial future. We have streamlined the process and made it simple and easy for advisors to integrate financial planning into their practice.

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