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Social media remains one of the least tapped goldmines for lead generation. With over 4.15 billion active users, social media presents one of the largest markets and opportunities to attract customers, study their behavior and offer your services with ease. This vast number of users are actively interacting with each other and sharing data in the form of text, video, and audio thus, creating the best points for penetration with the right marketing strategies. 

People are obsessed with social media, and financial advisors can use it to their advantage. Do you know that before you finish reading this sentence, about 243000 images would have been uploaded on Facebook? This does not include the 150,000 messages, 3.2 million contents shared, 50,000 links posted, and 15.28 million likes. This is just the tip of the iceberg as several other social media sites like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn have their unique ecosystem with lots of activities that can be harnessed for lead generation.

Why is Lead Generation for accountants Necessary?

Accounting is one of the highly in-demand professional services in the world. It is the 6th ranked professional industry by market size in the US. With over 1.397 million accountants in the United States alone with a predicted market growth of 10% between 2016 to 2026. There is no gainsaying the fact that the industry is inundated with a fierce competition where only the fittest can survive. This competition is deeply rooted in the ability to attract the right clients, and this is where the role of social media for financial advisors comes into play. 

Lead generation companies for accountants are trained to identify prospects from social media and the internet and lead them to your services. Some of the other roles of lead generation companies for accountants have been discussed below;

1. Memorable branding 

Branding is everything as far as lead generation is concerned. It determines how clients see your business. Lead generation companies always come in handy in providing a solid brand image that is essential for your firm’s growth. A memorable branding also goes a long way in building loyalty since clients find it easier to relate with brands that have a solid message behind their logo and visuals. 

2. Creating an online presence that reflects your brand’s message

Creating an online presence in the form of social media accounts, websites, whitepapers, and ads serve to interpret the brand’s message and increase their chances of generating leads. There is no gainsaying the fact that content is king, and being able to manipulate these contents to suit your brand’s purpose is one characteristic of an excellent lead generation company for accountants.

A lead generation company for accountants will scout the market, understand your unique selling points, take note of your competitors and provide action points you can improve on to make your services more attractive to clients. Remember that although while most accounting firms offer similar services, you can stand out when you hire the right lead generation companies. Pay special attention to the creation of highly-researched, engaging, and optimized content. 

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The act of making your website appear in the search result of Google is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). By optimizing contents, you tend to increase their chances of being observed by the right customers. Information from HubSpot reveals that 4 out of 5 consumers find local information via search tools like Google. Appearing in search results gives you an upper hand over your situation. 

4. LinkedIn Networking

By creating an active page on LinkedIn and every other social media platform, you gain access to a lot of clients and bring credibility to your firm. LinkedIn Prospecting for financial advisors builds trust and credibility amongst clients.

5. Aggressive paid to advertise

This is the ultimate point at which a lead generation agency leverage the power of social media and the internet to attract the right clients for your business. The lead-generating company can use different paid advertising platforms for this purpose. While some experts believe LinkedIn Prospecting for financial advisors can yield better results when combined with paid advertising, Facebook and Instagram ads seem to also fit into the description nicely.

How to identify the best lead generation companies for accountants?

Looking for the right service provider can be a hectic job when you are not equipped with the right knowledge. Picking the right lead generation expert for your accounting firm is very important in determining your brand’s exposure in the market. Some of the simple but most effective ways to identify the right lead generation company for your accounting firm have been discussed below; 

– Know why you need a lead generator?

Before setting out to meet a lead generator, it is important that you have a target audience and goal. This must be done carefully as it determines the success rate of your lead generation. 

– Determine the services you need 

Discuss with the experts to determine the best services that will suit your goal and business needs stated in item one above. The services offered by lead generators differ from one company to the other and may include SEO, branding, social media management, influencer marketing, and more. Feel free to check our list of lead generation services for accountants. 

– Have a specified budget

Having a  budget is very important since it will give you an idea of what you can afford. Please note that investing in a good lead generation company is one of the best decisions you can make as a financial advisor. 

– Get referrals from the internet or friends.

Feel free to read customer reviews or interact with friends about the services offered by lead generation companies. This will go a long way in providing insight into what you are about to get into and how to obtain the best results. 

Time to get the Leads

An effective social media campaign and lead generation for accountants is one of the best ways to attract clients with ease. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on how accountants can benefit from social media lead generation. We will love to hear from you soon.

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