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Financial advisors must have a well-designed and strategic website as part of their digital marketing strategy. In today’s highly competitive digital world, a website is much more than just a contact page. A good website that operates smoothly 24/7 with fast-loading pages, current information, and an attractive design will captivate audiences.

A website that contains several spelling errors is slow to load and tends to be offline more than it is online is just going to turn away potential new clients. In this article, we will look at the key elements needed in a good financial advisor website and look at some examples.

The Key Elements To A Good Website

Let’s face it, selling capital markets accounting advisory services is challenging at the best of times. It is a service that people need, but oftentimes they need to be sold on the benefits of these services. A website can be one of the most effective tools in your marketing toolbox. But for it to be effective, it must have certain elements that assist with the marketing of capital markets and accounting advisory services.

First off, the site must serve its purpose. Second, it should convert leads, and finally, it must be engaging with your current clients. Here is what the top custom financial advisor websites have in common:

They provide relevant business information to the target audience
They communicate the unique aspects of the financial services business
They use content to build trust
They encourage the audience members to get in touch with the service provider

Five Examples of Excellent Custom Financial Advisor Websites

Here is a shortlist of great examples of financial advisor websites that capture all the key components and make financial services interesting:


The design of this site is clean and the use of white space arranges the content into an attractive and easy-to-understand pattern. The main focus of the website is the emphasis on who the people are at HearthStone and an added feature is an events calendar that demonstrates the investment the company has made in sharing with the audience they have chosen to target.

R&J Financial Partners

The first thing you see is a looping video of the company’s location on the homepage banner. It makes this website stand out as it focuses on the local roots of R&J Financial Partners. The site has a minimalist design that is easy to navigate and provides only information that a visitor needing their services would require. There is also an invitation to contact them for more information.

Federal Employee Retirement Planning

The target audience for this company is very specific and they did a great job of making that their focus online. The website features a retired couple with a United States flag layered over it that simply states the primary focus of the company. There are also very obvious calls to action and a slogan that clearly states the purpose of the service being offered.

Ratio Holdings

The company’s slogan is front and center over top of a full-screen background image that both work well to capture your attention. The image fits with the branding of the company and makes one feel as if it displays the potential one could realize from the services provided by Ratio Holdings. The homepage features easy links to further information and a contact page.

River City Wealth Management

A simple design that gets straight to the point makes this a standout website. It has well-written content with a focused copy. The phone number and contact information to reach River City Wealth Management is easy to see and a contact form is also featured in the footer so that it can’t be missed. Overall, a great example of an effective custom financial advisor website.


Digital marketing for financial advisors requires a website. But not just any website design will work. There are key elements that must be included and the website has to work at all times as it will produce lead generation if it is designed correctly.

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