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There is always a rise of a new accounting firm somewhere in the world. From European countries to Asian countries, different corporations are beginning to see amazing opportunities in risk and client advisory services.

There becomes a large demand for high-value consultancy and financial management. This pushes firms to harness the potential of the accounting industry by providing risk and client advisory services for their customers. This opens new pathways for profits while offering digital solutions to your audience.

Amidst the drive to dive into risk advisory and client accounting advisory services and taking a step further than routine compliance services and transactions, there is a recurring cry for information and guidance. Most accountants are stuck at the level of trying to understand the concept of risk and client accounting advisory services.

However, clients are beginning to request additional services that include operational reviews, improvised analysis, and findings in the accounting industry.

It will be a bad scenario to turn down a client’s expectations because you know little or nothing about risk and client accounting advisory services.

What are accounting advisory services?

Accounting advisory services are all accounting-related services that require research, analysis, citations, conclusions, and implementations to help the client in decision making.

This spreads across a review of the accounting system, strategic planning, and growth analysis. An accounting advisor bears the burden of the client’s organization by providing solutions to their problems while offering pathways for growth.

Types of accounting advisory services include:

  • Cashflow forecast
  • Performance review and audit
  • Wealth management
  • Goal setting and tracking
  • Automation
  • Strategic planning
  • Product price analysis

Risk and Client Accounting Advisory Services

Risk advisory services are types of high-value advisory services that provide risk management and analytic solutions for clients.

These are financial accounting advisory services that require helping the client, his organization, or business to spot risks and help them cut them off.

Risk advisory services spread across providing risk management support across different organizational arms. These arms include operational, strategic, cyber, and regulatory risk.

Clients subscribe to risk advisory services to ensure the smooth running of their businesses. In addition, risk advisory services include compliance tracking, internal audits, quality assurance, and all strategic planning that will help the client in decision making.

Client accounting advisory services (CAS) are advanced accounting processes that address the need for financial statements, ledger management, account reporting, processing, and other business-related advisory services.

CAS goes as far as including an automation process for accounting advisory. This reduces the amount of time a client spends on tasks while they devote more time with their clients.

A good client advisory accountant must understand the methods of using digital technologies to solve client’s problems.

This increases the level of productivity and accuracy. As the world economy keeps tilting towards digital trends, the accounting industry has to follow suit in making adaptations.

Clients are beginning to demand systems and applications that help them easily sync data while providing real-time analysis to their customers. As business models are recreated to meet digital trends, accountants must provide services that meet this need.

This includes providing a CAS strategy that can be optimized to handle client’s tasks such as:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • Tax compliance and related operations
  • Financial statements
  • Controllership

How do you provide client advisory services?

With the understanding of what client accounting advisory services are, you must understand how to provide these services for your clients.

Here are four steps in providing client advisory services for your clients.

Understand Your Client’s Need

Your clients are already comfortable with your traditional accounting method, to offer them an extra service like CAS, you must understand where your services will be of great help to them.

You can begin with analyzing your client’s industry and looking out for areas you can upgrade their business model.

Proper analysis of your client’s niche market gives you clues on trends, opportunities, and market forecasts and how to tweak them for your client’s growth

Discuss With Your Client

You cannot provide new services to your client without their approval. Schedule a meeting with them and hear from them. You could be surprised to learn how badly they need some advancements.

Set Goals

Now that you have understood where your clients need some help, it is great to set realistic goals along that lane.

This will help you track your client’s performance. You can include the use of KPI reporting for proper management.

Automate the Process

Accounting automation takes off the stress of handling manual tasks. You set up software that easily handles financial and accounting-related tasks while you take care of other important issues.

The essence of automating your accounting process is to enrich your client’s experience while maintaining a high level of accuracy.

However, automating your services as a CAS procedure goes beyond accuracy and multitasking, it includes certain benefits like:

  • Data Integrity
  • Data Visibility and Integration
  • Quicker Payment Pathways
  • Automated Order Approvals

The introduction of an automated system is the primary goal of CAS. This ensures that the client is free from the workload attached to data capturing and analysis.

To provide an effective CAS strategy that will help your clients, you must build and provide flexible CAS technologies that can be optimized by your client for unique solutions and performance.

Do you wish to take your accounting career to a new level by optimizing digital technologies? Clients are attracted to accounting advisors that provide better solutions. This includes clients that go the extra mile to learn how to develop automated systems that make work easier and better.

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