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The role of experts specializing in the capital market and accounting advisory services cannot be over-emphasized. These individuals are responsible for determining the overall health of a company’s financial system in the capital market. 

Capital markets accounting services (CMAAS) focus on the provision of independent and objective advice on transaction accounting, accounting change, and most importantly, provide solutions to the ever-increasing accounting challenges in the world. 

These professionals are armed with the right skills, tools, and expertise to review clients’ accounts and report shareholders on the financial status of the company, consult with clients on how to solve complex business problems, appraise the effectiveness of a clients’ financial system, assist clients with accounting implementation projects, resolving technical and practical issues related to complex accounting areas, and assisting clients with data-driven advice on assurance services in terms of raising debts or equity and other transactions in the capital market.

What do they offer?

Accountants majoring in the provision of capital market accounting and advisory services are trained to look into the market, identify the major challenges affecting the growth of your company, and then swing into action to proffer solutions. Some of the professional capital markets and accounting advisory services have been discussed below; 

1. Accounting Advisory Services

As the name implies, these are services aimed at helping you deliver values from complex accounting changes. The professionals come in handy in helping your organization with the needed skills and tools to tackle changes relating to transactions like restructuring, divestitures, debt/equity funding, and bankruptcy, as the case may be. 

Always bear in mind that no business is immune to facing complex accounting and financial reporting challenges, thus the need for an advisory team that will provide the much-needed assistance on critical issues that could arise in the situations. To find your way through the trouble, good capital and accounting advisory services expert can provide the knowledge of emerging accounting rules and regulatory climate, coupled with extensive experiences across different industries. By engaging experts in this service, you gain hands-on access to managing your company’s transition to new accounting standards, provision of end-to-end accounting advisory support as you undertake commercial transactions, for instance, divestments, acquisitions, and more. 

Accounting advisory services also assess the impacts of relevant accounting challenges arising from corporate group optimization or restructuring exercises. It also streamlines your financial reporting to the point where the company’s financial statements are more meaningful and readable to users. 

2. Seamless financial reporting

The capability of many finance organizations are restrained due to the ever-changing regulations, nonrecurring business transactions, shortage of experienced finance and accounting professionals, and the increased scrutiny of company financials. This tends to increase the level of stress encountered in the organization, thus exposing its mistakes and the inability to adequately process or maintain base-level financial processes. The likelihood of these errors is heightened when financial institutions adopt a new accounting standard or embarking on significant business transactions. This is where the services of capital markets and accounting advisory experts come into play. The remediation of financial reporting issues reduces the risk of non-compliance and limits the exposure of financial restatements and other costly non-routine situations. They also provide the needed expertise for the critical, functional workforce to manage projects in a cost-effective manner. They manage non-routine situations like IPOs, mergers, and restatements. 

Capital markets and accounting advisory services also monitor the formulation of new accounting rules, inform the clients about the changing requirements and offer the right assistance that addresses these challenges with ease. 

3. Provision of support during exceptional changes 

Capital markets services focus on providing the right support for accountants through moments of exceptional change. With the right capital markets and accounting advisory services, you can access the knowledge and experience in cross-border listings, regulatory regimes, and business processes to allow you to master the several challenges of your transaction. This service explores your business and focuses on uncovering several ways to optimize value at every stage. 

4. Capital market support

As companies optimize their capital structure through the public listing, they need the help of experts to address all potential issues, provide the needed guidance through regulatory issues and liaise with the regulators to ensure a successful public listing. By getting this right, financial institutions can increase their visibility and positioning. Experts in capital market support also major in the provision of capital market accounting advisory services like corporate bonds services, administrative services, loan services, project fiancé services, securitization services.

5. Corporate and financial strategy

The development of corporate and financial strategies is important to get the most long-term value out of a company. It allows organizations to raise funds and apply them in the most effective way possible. 

6. IPO Advisory Services

IPO advisory services focus on the provision of end-to-end solutions and strategies that guides organizations during their IPO processes. The experts are equipped with tools and methodologies that serve to help companies mitigate transaction risks and compress executive times. This works by allowing decision-makers to stay focused on their company and investors. 

7. Technical accounting advice

Technical accountants provide expert opinions and guidance that assist in the implementation of new changes and improvements. The experts are also responsible for identifying the potential implications of any regulatory changes and relay them to the right authorities. 

Action Time

Now that you know the roles of a capital market and accounting advisory services, it is pertinent to note that your success story is determined by the type of experts you engage. Inasmuch as all capital markets and accounting advisory services exist to meet your needs, some are better equipped to handle the job. This disparity may arise from years of experience, the ability to connect with the clients, and other qualities that make them stand out. 

Feel free to contact our team of experts that major in the capital market and accounting advisory services. We are ready to provide the right guidance on how to use capital market accounting advisory services to promote your business while providing solutions to your accounting challenges. We will love to hear from you soon.

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