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Without a doubt, financial reporting and advising is no easy task, which is why firms offer Accounting Advisory Services (AAS) that help you with the accounting challenges that your company may be facing. A need for proper financial reporting stems from the interests that regulators, shareholders, and other stakeholders have in how companies they are invested in report and communicate their financial results. 

This means that there is a lot of work to be done to meet the standards and requirements of accounting that are demanded. Doing all of these could be quite burdensome, especially if you lack the proper knowledge and tools to go about it satisfactorily.

For the efficient execution of your deal, it is important that you manage tax reporting, financial reporting, and technical accounting properly. Accounting firm advisory services provide support services that aim to simplify different kinds of accounting issues like accounting policy conversion and implementation, merger support, divestitures, acquisitions, and divestitures.

Our team of experts have a wealth of experience with all kinds of complex transactions that need financial reporting analysis and complex technical accounting. We offer integration, technology, tax, and valuation skills to provide you with guidance tailored just for you for the resolution of challenges that may face your operations. We are dedicated to excellence and quality service, working with you to bring you an understanding of the implications of business and accounting decisions you may like to take.

With our experienced and talented group of accounting professionals, AFO Wealth Management Forward’s accounting and advisory services will aid your operations by ensuring that you meet the disclosure and financial reporting requirements set by regulators.

How AFO Wealth Management Forward Can Help You

Accounting firm advisory services, such as services AFO Wealth Management Forward, are provided by a team of experts that have industry experience, insight, and in-depth technical knowledge of accounting. These teams of ours are proficient and experienced to advise you properly on complex and challenging issues that stem from business decisions, transactions, and regulatory changes.

They are also committed to helping you achieve the best results related to commercial reality, reporting objectives, and regulatory requirements by providing cost-effective and consistent service. These complex issues make it necessary for your organization to engage accounting firm advisory services to provide technical accounting support and advice to ensure your success.

Accounting Change Services/ GAAP Conversions:

These services involve conversion from one accounting basis to another, like conversions from local GAAP to U.S. GAAP or international financial reporting standards that result from initial public offerings, divestitures, new standards, cross-border acquisitions, or changes in the standards of the home country.

For one to do a conversion from GAAP to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), a technical and comprehensive understanding of financial disclosures, staff training, tax relationships, and system changes is required, alongside accounting differences, interpretations, and potential approaches.

AFO Wealth Management Forward’s smooth process of GAAP conversion will provide you with an easy mode of transition to International Financial Reporting Standards which includes an assessment, design, planning, implementation, training, and international financial reporting standards embedding.

Buy-side Support:

This service consists of assistance with pro forma financial statements, SEC communications, purchase accounting, acquisition integration of finance functions, and fresh-start accounting adoption related to many different transaction structures. We’re here to help you with all these.

Bankruptcy Services:

Our services include addressing reporting issues and complex accounting issues that come up from eventual emergence and Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

IPO Advisory Services:

Here, we conduct initial public offering readiness assessments, train personnel to perform well in reporting using a new technique, serve as a liaison between investment bankers and attorneys, and guide the creation of selected financial data in compliance with SEC filing requirements.

Restatement Services and Financial Reporting Issue:

This service includes technical accounting and filing support, project management, and help with documentation during the processes of restatement, audit, and investigation.

Sell-side Assistance:

This involves providing assistance with addressing accounting and financial reporting issues and preparing financial statements, the IPO process, sale, divestiture, and debt offering.

Technical Accounting:

This is technical accounting advice for financial reporting and complex accounting issues.

Transactions and Financial Reporting Advice:

Here, as an accounting advisory service, important regulatory and accounting challenges that stem from acquisitions, initial public offerings, mergers, and divestments are addressed in order to optimize transaction outcomes.
These regulatory and accounting challenges include the following:

  • Initial public offering readiness
  • Post initial public offering support
  • Identification and analysis of accounting issues
  • Preparation of opening balance sheets, carve-out, pro forma or combined financial statements
  • Analysis of regulatory and financial impacts

Accounting Advice For a Restructure:

If you are undergoing a restructuring of your business or financing the purchase of assets, we can help you to understand the procedure of merger accounting and acquisition accounting, the values that should be recorded for transfers of businesses, assets, and legal entities, and the interaction of accounting requirements relating to group reconstruction relief and merger relief.

Accounting Standards Requirements:

Our accounting and advisory services help you make sure that you implement and conform to the requirements of new accounting regulations and standards. The support provided here includes the following:

  • Identification of financial reporting needs.
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements under local generally accepted accounting principles.
  • Understanding the impact on accounting information systems.
  • Understanding the tax implications to help you proactively control and manage tax and reporting requirements.
  • Enhancement of financial information and technical assistance in complex accounting issues.

As an accounting and advisory services firm, we take on the analysis and handling of data, financial reporting restatement, SEC filing requirements, cross border transactions, compliance with complex and new accounting standards, and complex reporting matters.

We provide our services to businesses in distress, buyers negotiating an acquisition, companies embarking on an IPO, companies entering a joint venture, businesses trying to interpret new accounting requirements, and many others that fall within our accounting and advisory service offerings.

AFO Wealth Management Forward (WMF) also provides a course for CPAs and accountants that would like to become registered investor advisors (RIAs), or those that would like to implement wealth management services like estate planning and life insurance, financial planning, and investment advisory into their accounting firms. Contact us today to take advantage of the quality services that we offer to help you with navigating the complexities of accounting and financial planning.

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